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The lack of safe drinking water is one of the largest challenges of our times and it is the most important need to ensure to in disaster situations. In the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, safe drinking water and sanitation are prioritized areas of the agenda. We, at Greenwater believe that all humans should have access to safe drinking water, no matter where they live nor their economical standard.
Therefore we have decided to put all our efforts into creating and offering sustainable water cleaning solutions that help build a more equal and sustainable society. The Greenwater solutions can turn salt and polluted water into safe drinking water at any location, as the products are built as complete, mobile, off-grid kits. As we bring the purification system to the people there is no need for transportation and as the system produces safe water continuously, plastic bottle waste is minimized.

Press Releases

2017-05-25 Clean Water is Life, Launcing Event in Kigali, Rwanda, 2017-05-25

TV and Radio

2016 – (Swedish) Kan komma att hjälpa tusentals i utsatta områden…..

2016 – (Swedish) Vattenrenare till Rwanda…..


March 2017 – Rwanda Pilot Project and new customers

December 2016 – Planning the Greenwater Rwanda Pilot and finding a solution for Greek Prospectors.

June 2016 – Greenwater AB and Safeman in Rwanda to demonstrate the Greenwater Kit, and to establish business contacts.

Rwanda Pilot ProjectGreenwater Team Sweden
DISASTER RELIEF Greenwater provides a complete self-sufficient, mobile kit, able to produce safe drinking water free from bacteria and parasites. This is the most efficient and economical solution for disaster relief. Read more >  
POOR WATER QUALITY Water quality in existing infrastructure can get contaminated, have a high level of chlorine or have a bad smell or taste. Greenwater has produced a combined system that can purify and turn the existing water into a safe drinking water. Read more >  
LACK OF ON-SITE SAFE DRINKING WATER Greenwater products provide the possibility to drink the water you have at hand. For salt-water purification, reverse osmosis is used in order to produce a safe drinking water from ocean water or other natural sources. Read more >  

Why Greenwater Solutions?

We are powered by compassion – our motivation is a desire to help and to be part of the solution by participating in building a society that treats the planet, the ecosystem, the humans and the animals with respect and kindness. Frequently, providing safe drinking water is being done in a very unsustainable way; adding to the pollution by using harmful chemicals and fossil fueled transportation and creating more waste from plastic water-bottles.  

Watch the video to grasp the state of the world regarding access to safe drinking water – and to understand why we do what we do. We strive for a better world where all humans have access to safe drinking water, in a sustainable way and we know that every drop counts! The solutions? Read more about them here.